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Tufts University Part-time Lecturers Approve Landmark First Contract

Adjunct Action Vermont

Adjuncts at Champlain, St. Michael’s and Burlington College are joining adjuncts nationally in building a movement to win work with dignity. We recognize there is a crisis in higher ed: in 1960 75% of all faculty nationally were full-time and tenured. Today the opposite is true: 72% of all academics are adjuncts, unsure whether they will receive courses in subsequent semesters, enduring poverty wages, lacking access to healthcare, regularly passed over for full-time positions, without office space inside the institutions they teach to prepare for class or meet with students.


Bargaining Survey

As our elections get underway, in order to assess our own needs, concerns and priorities, we are conducting this bargaining survey. The input of as many adjunct faculty as possible is essential to determining our bargaining priorities after we form a union. Your responses to the survey will be confidential. Fill out the survey here.

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Sign the Petition

Students, alums, politicians, and community supporters from across Vermont have signed a petition supporting the adjunct faculty at Champlain, Burlington, and St. Michael’s colleges as they fight for fair Contracts. Sign in support now.

Adjunct Action News


    Adjunct Faculty Discuss Union, Future on VPR

    Adjunct faculty at three colleges in Vermont, Burlington, St. Michael’s, and Champlain, voted in the past month to form a union with Adjunct Action/SEIU. Today, Genevieve Jacobs, an adjunct faculty member at Champlain College and  Sean Witters, a lecturer in the English Department at the University of Vermont, spoke to VPR about their experiences. Click here to […]
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    St. Michael’s Adjuncts Vote to Form a Union

    Adjunct professors at St. Michael’s College in Vermont today voted strongly in favor of forming a union with SEIU/Adjunct Action. By a margin of 64% in favor (46 yes to 26 no), the adjuncts at St. Michael’s join their colleagues at Champlain College and Burlington College, who voted overwhelmingly to form adjunct unions at their […]
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  • NLRB photo crop

    Vermont Adjunct Faculty Vote to Form a Union

    Adjunct professors at Burlington and Champlain colleges have voted overwhelmingly to join adjunct faculty at schools across the country in SEIU/Adjunct Action, with 80% at Champlain College (118 to 30) and 85% at Burlington College (23 to 4) adjunct faculty voting yes to a union. The vote was a significant step forward for adjuncts in Vermont who […]
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